How often does Pinterest update monthly viewers?

How often does Pinterest update monthly viewers? Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with 60% of women users, In Pinterest, you can explore the highly engaging and quality content that you can’t find on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This is basically an image-scrolling site, but shopping websites are getting the highest referral through Pinterest, there is a huge opportunity for an online shopping website, Home décor, furnishings, Fashion,

makeup stores, and many more niches. You can drive traffic through Pinterest, not traffic actually targeted traffic that if want to get through Google you have to pay for ads then you can get but this is an amazing platform.

If you running a website or an online store then invest in Pinterest, after investing in Pinterest you can see results that you can’t imagine before,

and the best part is you don’t have to pay for a campaign to successfully your marketing strategy but you can achieve this goal by actively using Pinterest to get organic traffic.

And not only for online stores, if you are an owner of a local store then you can also grab this opportunity before your competitor start their campaign on Pinterest,

If you don’t know how to use Pinterest or want to experiment with this platform then we are here, we offer Pinterest Management services that help you to grow your page within 2 months.

If you thinking that why I am recommending Management services without actually doing any experiment on this platform then read this post, in this post I explained the importance of Pinterest ex[perts and how you can achieve your goals in less time and effort and most important is all this you can get from a reasonable package.

How often does Pinterest update monthly viewers?

Pinterest updates the monthly traffic on your dashboards by analyzing some points and then showing the monthly traffic on your business page, so which are the points that Pinterest analyze on every profile before updating the monthly traffic, there is some important point in your analytics, you can also check your analytics to understand the monthly traffic.

Pinterest updates the monthly traffic in the last 30 days of total viewership on your profile, and these are some points that you have to understand in your Pinterest page analytics.


When users view your Pin, then this counts as an impression on your analytics. Pinterest automatically pushes your pin to the user who is interested in that subject or searching for it or they already searched for this query before.

Outbound Link clicks

When a user clicks on your pin and goes to the destination URL, this activity counts as Links clicks, and this is an important point you have to understand because this matrix shows you the actual visitors you are getting from Pinterest to your Destination URL or website that you already add to your pin.


When a user opens a pin to see in details, If a user sees the details of any pin they have to click any pin from the feed, this is counted as a closeup, This matrix shows how your pin grabs attention with many pins design in one place.

These are the main points to see on your analytics, there are many matrices available on the analytics like – How much Engagement gets on your pins, How many users saved your pin, Rate of outbound link clicks, save rate, Pin click rate, total audience, Monthly engaged audience.

For creating content, analytics is very helpful to understand your audience and how you can narrow the whole audience to achieve your goals through your Pinterest page,

before and after creating content you need to keep your eyes on analytics t understand the behavior of your audience and how you can grow the targeted traffic overall.


In this post, I discuss the traffic analytics on Pinterest, how you can understand the matrix to analyze your monthly traffic, and how Pinterest is analyzing your monthly traffic,

and all other important that you need to grow your Pinterest page, I hope this post helps you to understand some points on analytics and other important matrices, subscribe to our newsletters to get upcoming post notifications in your inbox.

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