How To Upload Video on Pinterest (Step By Step Process)

How to upload a video on Pinterest – If you want to create a video pin then you need a video file and upload it to Pinterest, but If you don’t know how to do this?

In this post, I will share with you the step-by-step guide to uploading a video on Pinterest and how to create a perfect video pin, Video pins are highly engaging and get massive traffic in just two minutes.

Normal pins are getting traffic slowly-slowly, and you have to wait for the results, in video pins you can see the results within a few minutes.

Like YouTube and Instagram, videos are more popular than other formats, and you can grab this opportunity to increase your website’s traffic.

Here are the steps you need to follow –

How to upload a video on Pinterest

The first step is login to your Pinterest account, and then follow the steps below –

1. Click on “Create”

On your dashboard you can see a create button on the top, just click on create pin option

create a pin
create a pin

2. Upload a video file

The next step is to upload a video file from your local storage, you can click on the upload pin option or you can just upload your video via drag and drop your file here

upload a video file
upload a video file

3. Write Title, Description, ALT text, and the destination URL

The next step is to write about the video pin, like the title of the pin, what your pin is about (Description), ALT text and the final is the destination URL, and then choose which board you want to publish.


In this post, I shared the step-by-step guide to publishing a video pin on Pinterest, If you found this post helpful then share it with your friends and subscribe to our newsletters to get the latest post notification in your inbox.

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