Pinterest Pin Size 2023 – Optimal size

Every Pinterest creator has this question – What is the best Pinterest Pin size for the images? In this post, you will know about the confusion about the dimension of the pin.

Well this time Pinterest recommends video pins for the creator, this is more engaging, and high performing and you can reach maximum visitors on your single video pins. And this actually works well, I tried many video pins and the result is shocking.

When I see the video pins’ performance – views are massive, but link click is very low compared to the standard pin, then I realize that my Pinterest pin size is not optimized for Pinterest, then I change the size of my video pins and the results are same but link click is more then my older video pins.

So just like video pins, the standard pin has an optimal size for mobile viewers, because Pinterest is a mobile application and maximum traffic comes from mobile devices the Pinterest pin size is also like the mobile size, the size gives the best experience for mobile users and that is the right pin size.

Is a very long Pin(2000*2000) size really works? in my case long size pin not working but 1000*1800 works great, and I am experimenting on my Pinterest pins, so you have to experiment with your pin size,

and see the performance of each pin and select the best-performing pin size. In this post, I will discuss the best-performing pin sizes that you can choose for your images.

What Is The Best Performing Pinterest Pin Size?

Many creators use long pin sizes, Why do sometimes long pins get massive traffic and attention? because if you open your Pinterest app and go to the home feed and see the pins,

you can see the long pins are on top because viewers get more attention to the long pins and then they decide to check out the pin,

and if the pin design is really good or tells something interesting about the pin then viewers decided to

checkout the website and the result is more traffic comes on that pin, so this is how long the pin is working in some cases.

Remember that a long-size pin won’t work every time, you have to experiment with sizes with small to large sizes, You can see sometimes small pins are performing well but not getting link clicks on that pin.

Optimal Pinterest pin size
Optimized Pin size – 1000*1500

Pinterest recommends 1000*1500 size for pin images, this is the optimal size but in my case this size not working well so right now I am using 1000*1800 for the pin,

and this size really works and gets link clicks compare to the official Pinterest pin size, but you have to try different pin sizes that work well.

How You Can Decide Which Is The Best Pinterest Pin Size For Your Profile

Firstly you need to create a different size pin design and post them with the same title and description finally see the preformation of each pin, and then select the best-performing pin size for your profile, but don’t stop experimenting with your pin.

How you can choose which pins are the best performing? the best performance means one thing the link clicks, you can get a high impression, close-up but the main point is that visiting your website,

can that be the reason you are working on Pinterest to select the pin that gets more link clicks, choose the right size, and experiment with the design adding a call to action on your pin, so visitors are more likely to click your pin?

I think size is not important if you can tell things on your pin so viewers really like to visit your website. Try to understand which color your visitors like, and add text with high readability, because if you post only images then it does not work,

you have to write some interesting text on your pin, then people are more likely to click on your pin.

These are the deciding factors for choosing the right pin size, important point is link clicks, If you are getting a massive impression on your pins but getting link clicks then you should change your size, or add more details on your pin, add a call to action like – click here to read, click here to buy.

There are many matrices available on Pinterest analytics, impression, close-up, and Link clicks – these are the matrix of analytics. We are improving our Pinterest profile for getting traffic to our website, the link clicks are deciding factor.

Link clicks – When viewers click on your pin and visit your website, they also impressions are a great matrix to see the individual pins, but the main point is the link clicks.

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