How to Add Price Tag on Pinterest [Quick Guide]

How to add the price tag on Pinterest – If you are selling a product on your website or Shopify store then now can grow faster with the price tag feature on Pinterest, If you don’t know exactly the price tag and rich pins then read this post completely.

The price tag feature is really good for a product that you are selling on Pinterest, In this feature, your pins are automatically getting a price tag on the top of the pin, and for this reason

visitors can easily know the price of your listed product, this will increase the conversion rate also sales really boosted by enabling this feature to your profile.

You can enable this feature by enabling Rich pins, and rich pins are three types, the first one is product pins, the second is the recipe and the last is article pins.

If you selling products on your website then you need to activate the Rich pin on your website, and when you activate the product pin, now you can use this feature while posting your pins on Pinterest,

While posting on Pinterest you need to add a $ sign and write the price on the description to get the price tag on your pin, you can read the article from Pinterest here.

How to Add Price Tag on Pinterest

When you activated the rich pin on your profile, then follow these steps to get a price tag on your pins –

  1. upload a pin
  2. Write title
  3. write a description with adding price and $ icon
  4. enter destination link
  5. Click on publish

after some time you can see a price tag on your pin.

How to enable product pin for your website

If you are running a blog then you have to select Article Rich Pins, and if your website is about food recipes then you have to activate Recipe Rich Pins, and if you are selling products through your website then you have to activate Product Rich Pins on your profile to get price tag option on your pins,

so, how you can enable product Rich Pins for your profile, here are the few steps you can take to enable Product Rich Pin –

  1. Visit here
  2. Copy the code
  3. paste this code to your website
  4. Visit Rich Pin Validator to verify the markup code

and now you are eligible to show the price tag on your pins.


Rich Pins really help you to boost your profile, I hope this post helps you to activate Product Rich Pins to your Pinterest profile, If you like this how-to guide then subscribe to our newsletters to get the latest post notification in your inbox.

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