What is The optimal Pinterest Image Size?

What is the optimal Pinterest image size – Pinterest recommends 1000*1500 Pixels size for Pin, in a real experiment is it working for you? If No, then I will share the reason why you are not getting impressions or link clicks? and most importantly what is the best size for your pins?

I will cover all these questions in this post so, completely read this post to find important questions’ answers.

If you are working on Pinterest to get traffic to your website but do not succeed, are you targeting the right audience? If yes, then you need to experiment with the design of your pins,

and if you already giving the best design or tried every design but still not improved your impressions on your pins,

Then you need to check your profile from start to end, like are you posting the pins on a fixed time and posting at least 5 to 14 pins every day? Are your boards are optimized? If you don’t know what is an optimized board on Pinterest then learn something here –

An optimized board means, you perfectly targeted the name of the board and the description, because if you include a targeted keyword on your board will help you to rank your board on Pinterest’s home feed, this is really important to get exposure on Pinterest.

What is The optimal Pinterest Image Size?

Pinterest recommends the optimal Pinterest pin size is 1000*1500, but sometimes works and sometimes does not work on different niches, and you can try this experiment and see the results, Firstly according to your profile’s niche size can be changed on every niche,

and this is a practical thing you can do on your Pinterest page, to find a perfect size for your pins is experiment with different sizes because we don’t which size works for you or not.

according to my experiments 1000*1800 pixels is best for my niche, and it really works, but when I try to 1000*1500 size then the impression goes down, I am not talking about 1000*1800 being the best Pin size for you, you have to experiment on every size and see the results and finally choose a high conversion Pinterest pin size.

Choosing a pin size is not a way to get traffic on your page, there are lots of other ways to grow your profile, you have to make some changes and see the results.

Experiment with different pin size

Like the title and description of your pin decide what’s your pin is about, writing a perfect title and description is the best way to get exposure on the home feed,

another is the timely post on Pinterest, if you are regularly posting on Pinterest then you will get more traffic rather than posting a 2-3 day gap on your posting time.

If you don’t want to experiment then 1000*1500 is best for you, but if you want to grow fast then you have to experiment with different sizes, if your profile is related to food recipes then a large pin will help you to increase more impression,

But how? Well, if you use a large size then you can add recipes and ingredients and also add a stunning pic of the food, this is your visitor is easily understand what your pin is about and visitors are more likely to click on your pin.


Choosing the best size really helps to boost your pin’s impression and link clicks, but you have to experiment with different sizes and select the high-performing size for your pins. If you like this guide then subscribe to our newsletters.

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